Amaze expo, Big boys toys, Artaaj, Amartze SCAM!!

After a very disappointing Amaze exhibition in Dubai from March 22nd-24th 2018, we would hereby like to warn anyone considering to exhibit with Amaze expo (in Dubai, London or anywhere else) to think again. This exhibition is nothing like what they promised it to be.

We from Audion, were promised the exhibition in Dubai would be in the world trade center, but ended up being in the financial center. Well actually not even in the center, the exhibition was outside. We were first told about this change when we had already arrived in Dubai.

We got there at the alloted time (which was on 21st March after 2pm), at which time all shell schemes were supposed to be finished and we were supposed to have our stand all set up before the night. However when we got there the shells were nowhere near built and no building was going on. As the picture below shows.

Stands pre show

One of the organisers came to us and told us they did not have all permits in place and that they were currently working on this. He told us to leave, relax and await his phone call in the evening. We instead decided to hang around for a while to see what would happen. At 7pm no more progress had been made, we decided to leave and get back at the day of the exhibition, an hour before the start. We were told by other exhibitors with bigger stands that they could not start building up until 4 am on the day of the exhibition.

On the image below you can see how our stand looked when we had finished it. 3 sides were still open and the back only had half the panelling, querying this we were told it was better this way as more visible to people passing.

amaze exhibit

Another matter was shipping to the exhibition, the company arranging this quoted such exhorbitant high prices that we decided to bring everythin ourselves in our check in luggage. As you can see on the picture this made our stand quite minimal.

We were promised there would be over 400 other exhibitors, in reality the number was under 50.

We were promised around 50000 visitors over the three days of the exhibition, there were not even 100.

We were promised a show guide, there was none.

We were promised the UAE Royal family and other high net worth individuals would be visiting, there were none.

We were promised the show would be well advertised, this did not happen. In fact the show wasn't even advertised in the building of the Financial center. No signs as where to visit the exhibition.

None of the exhibitors doing this exhibition had done so previously for obvious reasons, this exhibition has been going under various names for a number of years now, scamming many hopeful companies, many of those very small.

The scammers work by cold calling companies all over the world, making all the above listed promises. They told us they knew many interested in seeing us and dealing with us. This was unfortunately not the case either.

Right now they will be cold calling again either trying to sell this same exhibition in Dubai or one, which they say will be in London Olympia. We have contacted London Olympia and they know of no such show taking place and it is prohibited to use their name until such time as they have a contract with them, which currently is not the case and most likely will never be.

The same London exhibition the Amaze organisers were offering all the exhibitors from the Dubai 'exhibtion' for free to make up for the failure of the previous show. None of us is of course interested in this, as we know this will be a scam and a great failure as well.

After the exhibition we found this has happened for years as you can read on: Rip off report